Pilgrim Paths Week 2019 – April 19 to 27


Pilgrim Paths Week, which is now in its 5th year, is an Eastertime Festival based on Ireland’s network ofl pilgrim walking routes. This heritage themed event is organised by the local communities adjacent to each  penitential routes and is aimed at raising awareness of Ireland’s rich inheritance of pilgrim paths.  It is targeted, not only at those who enjoy exploring ancient tracks imprinted with the footsteps of  penitents past, but also at the growing numbers seeking walkways with deeper significance.
Pilgrim Paths Week provides a warm welcome for participants of all religious backgrounds and  those without religious affiliations. It is planned as a unifying time emphasising Ireland’s common Christian heritage and is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of the country’s historic past. Every effort will be made to facilitate the participation of families, the less fit, and in so far as possible, those with special needs in a unique event aimed at rediscovering Ireland’s rich medieval and mystical inheritance. Most of the pilgrim walks will be single day events; a few will be multi-day outings, but all will   be targeted at returning a degree of deeper reflection on, and appreciation of the Irish outdoors, to the Easter period.
Details to Follow