Rath/Dysert Activities

Upcoming Events 2018

Rath – Kilnaboy Pilgrim Walk,County Clare.Rath Dysert, Co. Clare
Monday, April 2nd., 2018 @ 10.00am.

Starting point: Rath Medieval Church & Graveyard, Corofin, County Clare.
Parking: Kilnaboy Medieval Church, County Clare from 09 00 to 09 30. (Walkers will be transported to the starting point at Rath)
Distance: 11km.
Duration: 3.5 hours
Terrain: Easy. Scenic, quiet rural tarred roads.
Fitness: Moderate. The walk will be at an easy pace, with all walkers staying together.
Gear: Warm, waterproof clothing. Comfortable walking boots/shoes.
Snack: Packed lunch and bottle of water etc. There will be a stop for lunch during the walk.
Contribution: Adults €10. Kids U-16 Free.
Walk Leaders: Pius Murray and Maureen Kelly.
Further information: Pius at 0879828173 or email pius@walkwithpius.com.

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Photo: Tau Cross, Kilnaboy.

Completed Events 2017

Rath Dysert Pilgrim Path Clare

Saturday, April 15th., 2017 @ 10 00 – Drumcliff – Dysert Walk. Pilgrim Walk, Co Clare

Starting point: Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, County Clare.
Parking: Dysert O’Dea Castle, Dysert, Corofin, County Clare from 9am to 09.30am.
Walkers will then be transported to the starting point at Drumcliff.

Distance: 14 km..Duration: 4 -4.5 hours. Terrain: Easy, quiet rural roads and woodland paths.
Fitness: Moderate, the walk will be at an easy pace with all walkers staying together.
Contribution: Adults €10 Kids U-16 Free Walk leaders: Pius Murray and Maureen Kelly..
Further information. Pius at 0879828173, piusmurray23@gmail.com.
Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates.

Burren Inspirational Walk, at Rathborney, Ballyvaughan, County Clare on Saturday, April 16th, 2016. @ 10 30 am.
Meeting point: Burren Fine Wine & Food, Ballyvaughan.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Distance: 8km
Contribution: €10, Children U-16 free.
Walk leader: Pius Murray, Coisceim Anama
Email : piusmurray23@gmail.com
Mobile: 087 982 8173
For updates please keep an eye on the Pilgrim Paths Facebook Page.

Activities for Pilgrim Paths Week 2016:

Walk 1: Rath/Dysert Pilgrim Path Walk.
Saturday, March 26th., 2016 @ 13 30.
Parking : Dysert O’Dea Castle, Corofin, County Clare @ 13 00.
Distance: 6 km.
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Level of difficulty: Easy.

Walk 2: Drumcliffe /Dysert Pilgrim Path Walk.
Monday, March 28th., 2016 @ 10 00.
Parking: Dysert Catholic Church car park, Dysert, Corofin, County Clare,from 09 00.
Distance: 15km.
Duration: 5 hours approx.
Level of difficulty: Moderate, reasonable level of fitness required.

Contribution for the Rath/Dysert Walk €6.00 and for the Drumcliffe/Dysert Walk €10.00.

Registration by email: piusmurray23@gmail.com
Contact Pius Murray at 0879828173.
See also www.coisceimanama.ie